What is the Program?

This program was intentionally created for previously active people who may be feeling discouraged by post concussion symptoms and want to get back safely to an active life.

  • Here you will be guided through 12 progressive yoga classes designed specifically for concussion recovery, by an athlete/therapist/yogi. This means we consider, accomodate and challenge the neck, nervous system, vision and vestibular systems.

  • Here you'll find up to date concussion information on topics such as exercise, headaches, the neck and understanding the autonomic nervous system.This program was created to save you the screen time and overwhelm of scattered internet searching for help. Stop the search!.

  • Welcome to THE toolbox you'll need of tips, hacks and strategies to kick concussion symptoms in the butt. And we keep this toolbox well oiled and updated.

  • Here is it..finally, a progressive home program that is wrapped up in fun yoga classes! Classes are designed in the order for success ; starting with mindset, creating safety in the body, getting in control of your nervous system, exercise tolerance and then more challenging vestibular and visual retraining.

  • In this group program you will find a supportive community. You are supported live weekly by a coach and also have the option to chat with others who've experienced concussion.

  • This program is video based, but designed so you that can also just listen to the audio and print the handouts.. You don't need to take notes and no screen time is required.


  • Why Yoga for Post Concussion Recovery?

    Here we start with mindset, self regulation and piloting the autonomic nervous system through breathing and grounding. Creating safety in the body is the groundwork to stimulate self healing, and this step is often fogotten in clinic style treatment. Post concussion Yoga also offers rehabilitation to the neck, visual, vestibular, cognitive and blood flow systems through enjoyable movement patterns.

  • How do I know this course is for me?

    This course is designed for moderately active/athletic people who are struggling to get active again due to symptoms. You don't need but may have some yoga experience. You should be able to move up and down from the floor safely. I will provide both active challenge poses and supported options for those with dizziness. You should be ready and willing to take yourself out of your comfort zone to see improvement. Ideally you have had some type of concussion assessment and are experiencing symptoms past the first two weeks of recovery. Is this you? Let's get started!

  • Why do an online program?

    An online program is perfect for someone who finds their appointment schedule and driving to actually be adding to their stress during recovery. It's also great for the person who has had an assessment and perhaps some in person trreatment but wants to brain and body work on a daily basis including more self awareness work. We all know consistency yields results! Committing to coached health care program creates a focused goal , keeps you on track and makes you accountable to do the work. Yoga online allows you explore more freely with movement and meditation from your own private, safe place.

Meet your health coach

Shelley Latendresse

Hello, I'm OT Shelley. With more than 20 years experience as an Occupational Therapist in neurology, I have spent the past 10 years growing my own private practice, adding Yoga and nature therapy to my practice . I live an active outdoorsy lifestyle, hiking, swimming and cycling . As a concussion survivor myself, I've been focusing the past few years on designing an empowering online Concussion Recovery program combining Yoga movements and principles with Occupational Therapy strategies. And now Im thrilled to see everything come together. Welcome. If you are ready for change, youre in the right place!

What people are saying about this course...


“What an amazing and profound gift the Post Concussion Recovery Yoga Program was to my life! It has completely changed my life and instilled in me mind, body, and spiritual practices that have made such a difference and impact on my complete whole body recovery for my overall health! I am so incredibly thankful to Shelley for creating this program!!! Her expertise, graceful movements, journaling, gentle restorative yoga, helpful strategies for recovering from concussion, weekly informative lessons, zoom check ins weekly, group meets, reflections, and all of the wonderful advice was so valuable and needed for anyone experiencing a concussion at any level. I wish I would have had this recovery program when I had my first concussion years ago as I would have progressed quicker!! This program can be done by itself or combined with other programs. I can carry over all of the lessons into my daily life and use them any time I need them. Yoga and lessons learned will definitely be a new part of my life and I am so blessed to have been apart of this transformational recovery program! Heartfelt thank you to Shelley for all of her guidance and help in my recovery!!! ”


“This program has put me on a clear path. I do not need to search and scramble for answers and guidance. Shelley navigates, supports us and challenges us through the daily obstacles of concussion .. The yoga classes are incredibly valuable to have on hand at any time I need them..grounding and somatics classes have been my favourite so far; they create safety in my brain and body. This course extends beyond concussion recovery, into a new, more mindful way of living. Thank You.”


““Thank you 🙏. You helped me do all the right things after my concussion … who knew there were so many!? Doing normal stuff early, exercising for the brain, pacing, brain breaks…I learned a lot! The yoga helped me see I wasn’t breathing properly and my body was holding so much tension from the trauma. It also helped me to calm my nervous system and get my neck and body moving again without getting scared by symptoms””


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